Friday, July 15, 2005

National Election Committee Prepares for Senate Election

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The National Election Committee (NEC) says it is preparing for the senate elections in Cambodia. The senate election will be held on January 27th 2006.

Fifty-two seats will be filled in the upcoming senate election. NEC director Im Suosday said the committee is making the agenda and preparing the budget.

The NEC director said the election will cost about $400,000. NEC said the whole process will take about four months from registration of political parties to counting the results.

A number of observers already said they would not observe the elections. They say the process does not reflect the will of the Cambodian people because only the village and district leaders and members of parliament could vote in the upcoming senate election.

Election observer Hang Puthea said professionals such as doctors and teachers should be allowed to run in the senate race.


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